Leadership Team

Director Josh Young

Josh Young has been married to his wife Melissa for almost 20 years, and has 3 amazing children. He is a lifelong Permian Basin resident, and has worked in the HVAC and controls industry for over 20 years. Josh had been looking for some time for a way to give back to the community, but had not found the right avenue until he heard about 13:34. He is adamant that every person have at least the opportunity to have an advocate of some sort. 

Director Leah Dishman

Leah Dishman has been married to her husband, William for 7 years, and has 4 beautiful little girls. Leah, born and raised in North Central Texas, has been in the pharmaceutical field for 16 years. From a very early age, she wanted to adopt children and that’s just what her and her husband have done. Leah and her husband, William have fostered children for the past 6 years. They have had 12 children of all ages through their home and have adopted four. Recently, they decided to close their home as a foster home but still wanted to help a greater cause and she was introduced to 13:34. Every child deserves a loving home and that is what she is hoping to help achieve. 

Director Brian Fairchild

Brian Fairchild has been married to his wife Courtney for over 25 years and has two college aged children, Brooklyn who is studying Art Education at Lee University in Tennessee and Brinklee who is studying Vocal Performance at West Texas A&M University. He has been a leader in Enterprise Software Development and Services for over 25 years. He has worked in multiple industries including, telecom, oil and gas, computing and services. Brian has also spent the past 12 years building software and a development team at Enertia Software. He brings a quarter century of experience in problem solving and team building. 

Secretary Mica Glover

Mica Glover has been Married to Jared Glover for 6 years between the two they have 4 kids from 14-24. After Marriage she and her husband dove head first into ministry and have been given a vision for 13:34 and

feel privileged to have the honor of supporting and working alongside an extraordinary team of directors with 13:34 Together we will reach toward our shared vision of serving families and those who may have lost family. Personally I have a heart to help bring people together and lift each other up so no one has to feel alone no matter what stage or situation they are in in life.

Executive Director Jared Glover

Ever since he was a boy, Jared has had a generous heart.  He has always delighted in seeing people’s faces light up upon receiving a special gift.  That love grew into a desire to protect in his adult life as he spent nearly a decade working in various areas of the security industry, from high end hotels, to personal protection, to the Wyoming Department of Corrections.  He has often been heard to say, “Every time I walk in a room, I consider the safety of everyone there to be my responsibility.”  At age 35, Jared finally gave his life to Christ and dedicated himself to His work, and in 2016 earned the title of Reverand.  This honor he attributes solely to God and the miraculous work that He did in Jared’s life. 

Today, Jared draws on those passions to give, protect, and teach as the inspiration and drive behind 13:34 Inc.