1334 INC

There is an epidemic in our world today!

One of isolation and valuelessness.  It affects all ages and walks of life.  From the newborn baby whose parent(s) aren’t prepared to care for, to the young adult who never received proper preparation for life on their own.  From the younger to middle aged generations who have found themselves displaced and without a place to call home, to the widowed and/or grandparent generation that have lost their personal relationships in their golden years.  So many people need help!  Whether it’s a solid beginning to life, a helping hand to get back on track, or a home where they can live out their days in a loving community; there’s need for a place to be safe and loved.  That is what 13:34 Inc. is all about!

It is our God given desire and necessity to provide a haven for those in need so that they can know that they are not forgotten, they are valuable, and they are wonderfully made and loved by God!

Our foster care system is overburdened and, quite frankly, broken.  There are families that want to foster but cannot due to housing or income issues.

There are teens aging out of foster care and entering into adulthood who have never been afforded an opportunity to learn how to manage the finances and responsibilities of adulthood.

Adults of all generations and their families have been impacted by situations and consequences of their own choices and of things beyond their control who find themselves so deep in the hole that clawing their way out seems impossible.

And there are members of all generations who have lost families or just lost touch and are finding it difficult if not impossible to financially or socially support themselves.

We are a collective of Christ followers striving to be "doers of the word, and not hearers only..." (James 1:22)

It is so easy to dream about what you could do for others "if"...  But life is so busy that even if you make "plans", they so often end there, just plans.  For all of my life I have had "plans".  Plans to go here or there.  Plans to do this or that.  I was going to be a movie star, a pro football player (with no training), a rockstar (with no knowledge of how to play).  I've dreamt of fame and glory for myself but never pursued my "plans".  Turns out God has other plans for me, and that is to dream for others.  To give you an avenue to see your goodwill bless those in need.  To dream BIG on your behalf so that we can bless BIG, together, those in need.